A letter of condemnation to the Australian Parliament from Asif Merzili, the experienced lead author of the Azerbaijan Tezadlar Newspaper

Australia Parliament held discussion that defines Azerbaijan and Turkey as terrorist with the claims of Armenian state.



The Australian Parliament made a negative decision based on Armenian sources.  Asif Merzili, the head writer of Tezadlar Newspaper, wrote a condemnation letter to the Australian government that considering the claim of Armenia by Human Rights Watch, ignoring the fact that Ganja and Karabakh are Azerbaijani territories and claiming that Azerbaijan used cluster bombs. Attached is the response of the Australian Parliament confirming that it has received the letter of condemnation.

 It is clear from the reply letter that the terrorist state of Armenia, fed by terrorism, is trying to influence world public opinion, clearly.

Not being indifferent to this, Azerbaijan's experienced head writer Mr. Asif Merzili reminded the Karabakh and Khojaly massacres.  Asif Merzili said the world should look into the past of those who spread these ridiculous claims. Asif Merzili made a historical note to the Australian Parliament and to the world media, and revealed the justification of the Azerbaijan State.

(Tezadlar, Asif Merzili, Azerbaycan, TRTAJANS-TRTAGENCY)

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Perşamba, 04 Iyul 2024
By Salih KURT

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